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DumDum Boys

"DumDum Boys" is a Norwegian rock band from Trondheim. They started up in the late 1970s as a punk band under the name "Wannskrækk", and released a few singles under that name before they reinvented themselves with a new name and a somewhat new sound in 1985. They are considered one of Norways most imporant rock bands through all times.

This shift invoked the beginning of one of the greatest success stories in Norwegian rock ever. The new name, "Dum Dum Boys", was taken from a song on the album "the Idiot" by Iggy Pop. Their debut album, ''Blodig Alvor (na na na na na)'' is still regarded as one of the classic albums in Norwegian rock. The same is true for their 1989 album, ''Splitter Pine''.

Their song and album "Splitter pine" (1989) was their big breakthrough in Norway.

Also go under the name "Racer" when releasing songs that are "not so serious", f.ex. "Bønda i fra Nord"

*Per Øivind Houmb «Prepple­» - vocals (1985–present)

*Kjartan Kristiansen - guitar and vocals (1985–present)

*Aslak Dørum - bass (1993–present)

*Atle Karlsen - keyboards (1989–present)

*Hans Olav Jonsen «Sola» - drums and percussion (1985–pre...

years active 1985 –Present (time)
music genre Rock and roll
status Active
current members Prepple Houmb
Kjartan Kristiansen
Aslak Dørum
Atle Karlsen
Hans Olav Jonsen
past members Persi Iveland
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source: Wikipedia