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"Dungeon" were a melodic power metal/thrash metal band based in Sydney, Australia.

The band formed in Broken Hill in 1989 and after a string of line-ups founding members Tim Grose and guitarist Dale Corney moved to Sydney in 1992. Slowly the duo built a full live band and in 1996 the ''Changing Moods'' demo emerged with Australian drummer Virgil Donati playing on one track. The recording won strong interest from Japan and Dungeon, now with Justin Sayers on bass, re-recorded parts of it and re-issued it as ''Demolition''; this recording sold strongly but was only released officially in Japan and is now a hard-to-find collector's item.

By 1997, Dungeon was down to a three piece with no drummer but the situation was quickly rectified when Steve Moore of Addictive joined. The band recorded their first official album ''Resurrection'' in 1998 and it was released the following year. From this point, Dungeon went from strength to strength and quickly became one of the most popular Australian heavy metal bands. Despite constant line-up changes, the band has perservered and has now released four albums including a re-recording of ''Resurrection''.

Dungeon developed a well-ea...

years active 1989 - 2005 (final album 2006)
origin Sydney
country Australia
music genre Heavy metal
Power metal
current members 'Lord' Tim Grose
Stu Marshall
Tim Yatras
Glenn Williams
website Official Website
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia