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Dying Fetus

"Dying Fetus" is a deathgrind band formed in 1991 in Annapolis, Maryland, United States. As of 2006, its line-up consists of John Gallagher (guitar, vocals), Mike Kimball (guitar) and Sean Beasley (bass) and Duane Timlin (drums). Dying Fetus is often described as technical death metal, and the band is renowned for its technical proficiency.

Since the band's start, they have made a name for themselves in the Death metal scene by relentless shows and vigorous touring schedules, which has seen them victoriously climb the ladder to become one of the genre's top flight outfits. The brutal and harsh sound of the band have already become an inspiration to many bands and artists as Philthy (frontman to Crassus) states, "Yeah there are bands like Metallica and Pantera, but those are lost in time, these guys are the new power and aggression in metal"

Dying Fetus's music is a hybrid of brutal death metal and grindcore, characterized by extremely fast blast beats, complex riffing and slow breakdowns. The vocals mainly range from 'death growls' all the way down to 'bullfrog' vocals, but also include higher, more abrasive upper-throat screams. Lyrics-wise, the band dabbled in the usu...

years active 1991 – Present
status Active
country Annapolis, Maryland, USA
music genre Deathgrind
current members John Gallagher
Mike Kimball
Sean Beasley
Duane Timlin
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia