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"EMF" is a British indie dance band which came to prominence at the end of the 1980s and the early 1990s. The band came from the Forest of Dean area of Gloucestershire. Their first single, "Unbelievable" was a number 3 hit, and their debut album, ''Schubert Dip'', went to number 3 in the UK Albums Chart.

The name "EMF" officially stands for "Epsom Mad Funkers," but there are unofficial alternatives, such as "Every Mother's Favourite," "Eat My Fetus," and "Ecstasy Mother Fuckers" (the last of which occurred in an track called "EMF", a live version of which featured on the B Side of the single "Unbelievable"). The band was signed by EMI / Parlophone after a mere four gigs, without even asking for a demo tape.

* James Atkin (vocals, guitars), born James Saul Atkin, on 28 March, 1969, in Cinderford, Gloucestershire.

* Ian Dench (guitars, keyboards), born on 7 August, 1964, in Cheltenham.

* Zac Foley (bass), born Zachary Sebastian Rex James Foley, on 9 December, 1970, in Gloucester; Died on 2 January, 2002.

* Derry Brownson (keyboards and samples), born on 10 November 1970, in Gloucester.

* Mark Decloedt (drums), born on 26 June, 1967, in Gloucester.

They or...

years active 1989–1995, 2001–2002
origin Cinderford, Gloucestershire
country England, United Kingdom
status Active
music genre Rock music
current members James Atkin
Ian Dench
Zac Foley
Derry Brownson
Mark Decloedt
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia