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Earl Klugh

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Earl Klugh

"Earl Klugh" (born September 16, 1954 in Detroit, Michigan) is an American smooth jazz/jazz fusion guitarist. Earl Klugh normally finger picks a nylon and bronze strung guitar.

At the age of 13 Earl Klugh was captivated by the guitar playing of Chet Atkins on the Perry Como Show. Earl Klugh has since been a guest on several Chet Atkins albums. Chet Atkins reciprocated and joined Earl on his "Magic In Your Eyes" album.

For their album ''One on One'', Klugh and Bob James received a Grammy award for Best Pop Instrumental Performance of 1981.

* 2006: ''Music for Lovers''

* 2005: ''Naked Guitar''

* 2003: ''The Essential Earl Klugh''

* 2001: ''The Jazz Channel Present Earl Klugh (DVD)

* 1999: ''Peculiar Situation''

* 1999: ''Late Night Guitar''

* 1998: ''The Best of Earl Klugh''

* 1979: ''Hotel California - Super Guitar Duo'' (with Hiroki Miyanow)

* 1997: ''The Journey''

* 1996: ''Crazy for You''

* 1996: ''Love Songs''

* 1996: ''Sudden Burst of Energy''

* 1994: ''Move''

* 1993: ''Ballads: Earl Klugh''

* 1993: ''Dream Come True''

* 1993: ''Sounds and Visions, Vol. 2''

* 1993: ''Magic in Your Eyes''

* 1992: ''Cool'' (with Bob James)


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