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:''"Earshot" may also refer to the vague distance from which something can be heard ("within earshot").

"Earshot" is an Alternative Metal band.

Earshot formed in 1999 as a blend of moody yet melodic metal which sounds similar to Tool, particularly on their debut album. Vocalist Will Martin's auditory resemblance to Maynard James Keenan adds to this similarity; his voice sounds like Keenan's and his style appears to have been influenced by Keenan.

They were signed by Warner Bros. and released their first album ''Letting Go'' in 2002, which included the hit singles "Get Away" and "Not Afraid". A second album ''Two'' was released in 2004. ''Two'' featured a breakout hit in "Wait", which was featured on the Madden 2005 video game soundtrack. This was followed with the release of the single "Someone".

The group is currently working on its 3rd album with an expected release date sometime in 2006.

Wil Martin -Vocals & Guitar

Scott Kohler - Guitar

Mike Callahan - Guitar

Johnny Sprague - Bass

Dave Moreno - Drums

* Letting Go (May 2002)

*Two (June 2004)

* - The Official Earshot...

years active1999-present
countryLos Angeles, USA
music genreAlternative Metal
current membersWill Martin
Mike Callahan
Scott Kholer
Johnny Sprague
Chas Stumbo
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia