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East 17

"East 17" were an English based boy band, from the 1990s. The band name came from the postcode for Walthamstow, which is in the area of London, between the old East End, and the Essex commuter belt. They charted 18 top 20 singles and four top 10 albums.

* Tony Mortimer

* Brian Harvey

* John Hendy

* Terry Coldwell

The band began after Tony Mortimer was given the promise of a record deal, when he showcased his own material. It was under the condition of forming a group, as this was the format London Records were pushing.

The original roles in the band soon altered when Brian Harvey, who was intended as a backup singer and dancer, was heard singing along during a recording session, and duly promoted to lead vocalist.

The vast majority of the songs were written by Mortimer, and often contained rap verses vocalised by him, to complement Harvey's more smooth R&B style vocals.

The band was seen as a pop group due to the marketing hype by London Records, but their lyrics and non single tracks showed otherwise. For example, the Ivor Novello award winning song - "Stay Another Day" - was thought to be a simple love song, but was in fact a response from T...

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