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"easyworld" were an indie rock band from Eastbourne, United Kingdom consisting of Dav Ford on vocals, guitar and piano, Jo Taylor on bass, and Glenn Hooper on drums. The band achieved limited prominence in the early 2000s, releasing two albums on major label Jive Records before splitting in mid 2004.

Throughout the 1990s, former schoolmates Ford and Hooper played together in local rock groups such as Sixteen, Sweater and Sheadly. Having recruited bassist Jo Taylor, the trio formed the group Beachy Head. After recording a number of demos and an unreleased album under the name, the trio re-christened the band Easyworld after a lyric in their song 'Better Ways To Self Destruct' which became the title of their first EP.

Their first single, Hundredweight, was released on Fierce Panda Records in 2001 and was followed by the mini-album Better Ways to Self Destruct the same year. The band signed to Jive Records in early 2002 and soon after released their first full-length album, This is Where I Stand.

The group's final record, Kill the Last Romantic, was released on February 2 2004. The album was characterised by a mellow, piano-led sound akin to Coldplay and Keane. This...

years active 1997–2004
music genre Indie rock
current members David Ford (musician)
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia