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Eddie Money

"Edward Joseph Mahoney", aka Eddie Money, (born March 21, 1949) is a rock musician.

In the early 1970s, he attended the New York Police Academy to become a New York police officer. He worked briefly at the NYPD, but soon found his calling as a singer. He moved first to Los Angeles, then to San Francisco. By 1976, he signed to CBS Records the late promoter Bill Graham.

He released his first album in 1977 with his first hit, "Baby Hold On," hitting the Top 20. "Two Tickets to Paradise," from the same album, was also a hit at number 22. His later hits, "Shakin'," "Think I'm In Love," "I Wanna Go Back," "Walk on Water," and "Take Me Home Tonight", garnered him even greater fame. Co-sung with Ronnie Spector, "Take Me Home Tonight" peaked in the top 10, impressive for an artist who debuted almost a decade earlier.

Eddie was involved in the music video fad, creating some thirty music videos. Eddie still performs an average of sixty shows a year and has appeared on television shows such as The King of Queens and The Drew Carey Show as Mimi's ex-husband. He currently resides in California and Florida, and is very active in his involvement with the St. Jude's Hospital. He ha...

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