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Edoardo Bennato

"Edoardo Bennato" (July 23, 1946) is an Italian singer-songwriter.

He was born in Naples and his early songs gave a clear picture of his town and its troubles. Among his best songs there are some regarding life in Naples and his own values. He says that, even if Naples is a poor town, nothing works, it is worth living there.

His songs helped a whole generation in growing with new values and dreams.

Starting from 1980s, Bennato shifted to a more commercial and rock-influenced inspiration.

On the occasion of the 1990 FIFA World Cup, which were held in Italy, Edoardo sang the official song of the event: "Un'estate italiana" ("An Italian Summer") together with Gianna Nannini.

* ''Non farti cadere le braccia'' (1973)

* ''I buoni e i cattivi'' (1974)

* ''Io che non sono l'imperatore'' (1975)

* ''La torre di Babele'' (1976)

* ''Burattino senza fili'' (1977)

* ''Uffà! Uffà!'' (1980)

* ''Sono solo canzonette'' (1980)

* ''È arrivato un bastimento'' (1983)

* ''È goal! (Edoardo Bennato live)'' (1984)

* ''Kaiwanna'' (1985)

* ''OK Italia'' (1987)

* ''Edoardo live'' (1987)

* ''Il gioco continua'' (mini LP) (1988)

* ''Abbi dubbi'' (1989)

* '...

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