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Engine Down

"Engine Down" were a four-piece rock band from Richmond, Virginia active from 1996-2005. They were a part of the Washington DC area Post-Hardcore/Emo movement along with bands like The Dismemberment Plan, Q and not U, and Les Savy Fav. The lineup included Keeley Davis on lead guitar and vocals, Jason Wood on Bass and Vocals, Jonathan Fuller on Rhythm guitar and backup vocals, and Cornbread Compton on drums. In early recordings Wood served as primary lead vocalist, but later in their career the duties of lead singer switched to Davis.

In 2005 Engine Down disbanded following a farewell tour. Davis joined the band Sparta as lead guitarist. Compton began drumming for various bands including Biology, a side project of From Autumn to Ashes frontman Francis Mark.

*Keeley Davis- Guitar, Vocals

*Jason Wood- Bass, Vocals

*Jonathan Fuller- Rhythm Guitar

*Cornbread Compton- Percussion

*''Sign of Breath'' EP

*''Under the Pretense of Present Tense'' (1999)

*''To Bury Within the Sound'' (2000)

*''Demure'' (2002)

*''Enginedown'' (2004)

* Official band site

* Engine Down on MySpace


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