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"Epicure" are an Australian rock band from Ballarat, in regional Victoria. They came to prominence in 2003 when they were picked up by radio station Triple J. Two of their tracks, "Armies Against Me" and "Life Sentence" reached the Triple J Hottest 100, 2003.

They have spent much of 2003 and 2004 touring Australia, particularly regional areas. In late 2003 they supported Live on their Australian tour, and also played at the Big Day Out in January 2004. They played at both Falls Festivals in December 2004.

*Heath McCurdy (Keyboards)

*Juan Alban (Vocals/Guitar)

*Dan Houlihan (Lead Guitar)

*Tim Bignell (Bass)

*Dom Santamaria (Drums)

*''Fold'' (2000)

*''Airmail'' (2001)

*''Elevator'' (EP, 2001)

*''Life Sentence'' (EP, 2003)

*''The Goodbye Girl'' (album, 2004)

*''Main Street'' (album, 2005)

* Epicure - Official site

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