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"Erasure" are an British synth pop duo band consisting of keyboardist Vince Clarke and singer Andy Bell.

Erasure entered the music scene in 1985 with their debut single "Who Needs Love (Like That)" (see 1985 in music). Beginning in late 1986 with the release of their single "Sometimes", Erasure established themselves on the British charts; through 1995, Erasure were the greatest pop phenomenon in Britain since ABBA. Albums such as ''The Circus'', ''Wild!'', ''Chorus'', ''I Say, I Say, I Say'', ''Erasure'', ''Loveboat'' and ''Nightbird'' demonstrated a further diversity of sound.

Clarke formerly was a member of Depeche Mode and later had a successful career with the duo Yazoo (known as ''Yaz'' in the US). Later he split with Yazoo partner Alison Moyet and briefly formed The Assembly with producer Eric Radcliffe. After a successful Assembly single ("Never Never"), Clarke released an unsuccessful one-off single with vocalist Paul Quinn ("One Day"). He then placed a blind advertisement in Melody Maker looking for a vocalist for a new musical project. He selected Andy Bell, who was the forty-first to audition (and whose voice would often be compared to Moyet's). From t...

years active 1985 - Present
origin United Kingdom
music genre Synthpop
current members Vince Clarke
Andy Bell
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia