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Eric Peterson

"Eric Peterson" (born: 14 May 1964) is an American guitarist. He is best known as one of the founding members (and only constant member) of the US thrash metal band Testament. Eric has also formed a side-project black metal band called Dragonlord. In that band he plays a guitar and also sings.

Eric has been married to Kirk Hammett's ex-wife Rebecca, with whom he has two children, but they are apparently now divorced

With "Testament"

*''The Legacy'' (1987)

*''The New Order'' (1988)

*''Practice What You Preach'' (1989)

*''Souls of Black'' (1990)

*''The Ritual'' (1992)

*''Low'' (1994)

*''Demonic'' (1997)

*''The Gathering'' (1999)

*''First Strike Still Deadly'' (2001)

With "Dragonlord"

*''Rapture (2001)

*''Black Wings of Destiny (2005)

"As guest"

*"Old Man's Child" - ''Vermin'' (2005)

*Amplifier: Mesa Boogie - Dual & Triple Rectifiers (Triple Channel)

*Effects: Dunlop Rack Wah, Lexicon MPX-1, T.C. Electronic D. Two, Boss Chorus Ensemble

*Cords: Monster Cable

*Guitars: Dean - Cadillac/Custom Phantom; ESP - Explorers, Gibson Les Paul, Gibson Flying V

*Strings: GHS Boo...

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