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Espen Lind

"Espen Lind" (May 13, 1971 – ) is a Norwegian singer, songwriter, and producer. He was born in Tonsberg, Oslo but grew up in Tromsø.

Espen Lind released his first album, ''Mmm...Prepare To Be Swayed'', in 1995 under the nickname Sway. The album was released only in his native country of Norway and sold 10,000 copies. His big success came in the late 1997 with the single ''When Susannah Cries'', taken from his album ''Red''. The song was in the Top 5 in several countries worldwide, including Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, Brazil and many more countries around the world. The second single from ''Red'' is "Lucky For You", which did not do quite as well in Europe as the former but was a major hit in several Latin American countries, most notably in Argentina, where the success of the single propelled sales of ''Red'' to gold status.

''Red'' ultimately sold over 100,000 copies in Norway, making it one of the most successful albums ever released there, and 600,000 copies worldwide.

In 2000 Espen Lind released the album ''This Is Pop Music'' and the singles ''Black Sunday'' and ''Life is Good''. For this album he also wrote, produced and perform...

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