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Eve 6

"Eve 6" was an alternative rock band from Southern California, who disbanded in 2004. Their musical genre has often been classified as punk or post-grunge. The band formed in 1995 in La Crescenta, California as Eleventeen; the name Eve 6 was only adopted later, after they already had a recording contract and were looking for a replacement drummer. Tony Fagenson, who auditioned while attending the University of Southern California, was an ''X-Files'' fan. After seeing the episode "Eve", which featured genetically engineered characters known as "Eves," he got the name from the character called Eve #6 who made a remark about biting a guard's eyeball, which Fagenson thought merited "Eve 6" as a band name.

*Max Collins – lead vocals, bass

*Jon Siebels – guitar, vocals

*Tony Fagenson – drums, vocals

Eve 6's basic rock trio (guitar/bass/drums) sound is augmented on their later studio recordings with many interesting studio techniques. For example, "Bang" (from ''Horrorscope'') culminates in a section constructed entirely from repeated, overdubbed layers. Eve 6 also made liberal use of overdubbed vocals...

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