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"Eve" may refer to:


* New Year's Eve

* Christmas Eve

* St. John's Eve, also called Midsummer's Eve or Bonfire Night

* The Eve of St. Agnes


* Eve (first woman) according to the Bible and Quran

* Eve (rapper)

* Mitochondrial Eve, the most recent common matrilineal ancestor of all living humans

* Eve, the alleged first successful human clone, by the Raelian corporation Clonaid

Fictional characters:

* Eve (Applegeeks), an android in the ''Applegeeks'' webcomic

* Eve (Buffyverse), in the television series ''Angel''

* Eve (DC Comics), in the ''Sandman'' comic book series

* Eve (Xena), Xena's daughter in the TV series ''Xena: Warrior Princess''

* Eve, a female superhero in the ''Freedom Force'' computer game series

*Mitochondria Eve (not to be confused with Mitochondrial Eve), the main villain in the Parasite Eve video game.


* Ève, a commune in the Oise département of France


* Eve (name)

* Eve (cigarette)

* EVE Online, an MMORPG computer game, Space Simulation

* Eve Angel, Hungarian Porn Star

* Groupee Community, an online community formerly known as Eve

* Eve (TV series), starring rapp...

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