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EXIT or exit cam refer to:

*An exit can denote a way out of a building, city, or place. Emergency exits or fire exits are used in case of an emergency, such as when a building is on fire. *An exit ramp or slip road is used to leave an expressway or motorway.
In this sense, an interchange is often called an exit. *An exit procedure (a/k/a exit interview) is related to someone's employment being terminated. *An exit exam is often given as a qualification for graduation. *An exit plan is commonly used to describe business owners planning to divest themselves of their business, or the planning for the termination of an operation. *An exit sign.

  • In politics:

Exit (group) is an organisation in Sweden devoted to helping young people leave the neo-Nazi scene, as well as an organisation in Germany modelled on the former. EXIT (Australia) is a pro-euthanasia group in Australia. EXIT is also the name of similar groups in other countries, and the former name of the United Kingdom's Voluntary Euthanasia Society

  • In computing:

EXIT (video game), a game for the PSP

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