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"F4" is a boy band from Taiwan. The group began in the Taiwanese television series ''Meteor Garden''. Over time, F4 became popular in Asia - mobbed in Chinese-speaking countries such as Hong Kong and Singapore and idolized in the Philippines, Thailand and Indonesia. In April 2005, they launched in to Japanese market.

F4 is comprised for four members: Jerry Yan, a former model; Vic Zhou, a student; Vanness Wu; and Ken Chu, a former part-time waiter. Thanks to their good looks and height (a requirement being that they were at least 6 feet tall, or about 180cm) they were chosen by producer Angie Tsai to star in Meteor Garden.

The series is an adaptation of the Japanese shoujo manga series, ''Hana Yori Dango'' ("Boys Over Flowers"). Yan plays the lead role of Dao Ming Si, an extremely arrogant and rich university student who meets his match in the poor but proud girl, Shan Cai - played by Barbie Hsu. Zhou, Wu and Zhu play his friends Hua Ze Lei, Mei Zuo, and Xi Men respectively. The four boys were the most popular and handsome boys at the university; they were recognised as the group named...

years active 2001 - Present (time)
origin Taiwan
music genre Pop music
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia