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Faithless (2000 film).

"Faithless" are a UK group of musicians whose music is described by one of their band as a cross between trip-hop and dance. While they are mostly famous for their notorious dance songs ("Insomnia" "God Is A DJ" and "We Come 1") the band try to produce albums which offer a blend of genres, attempting to make an album that sounds like a mixtape so while the title track opener to their debut album, "Reverence", is a dance-based trip-hop song, the second track, "Don't Leave", is a mellow acoustic number.

The three members of Faithless are Maxi Jazz, Sister Bliss and Rollo. Jazz acts as a vocalist mostly rapping and elevates the euphoric, ambient music to a spiritual and socio-political level with many of his lyrics; Bliss, as arguably the most popular female DJ not to mention her talents in playing the piano, violin, saxaphone and bass, constructs most of the music while Rollo heads and produces the band's genre defying sound.

As well as these three members, Faithless have employed a guest member for each album. Jamie Catto was an original member of the band, but left after their second album, ''Sunday 8PM'' and in a way is viewed as a two-...

years active 1995 – present
country London, United Kingdom
status Active
music genre House music
Producer Rollo Armstrong
current members Maxi Jazz
Sister Bliss
Rollo Armstrong
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source: Wikipedia