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Fallen To

Fallen To were a metal band in Cornwall, UK; formed in 2001 by James Norris.

Most known for the singles 'No Allies' and 'Bovine 'Calm' which were released in 2002; the first being a big hit on MTV2 and Kerrang.

These singles were followed by album The Mark which received positive reviews.

In 2003; the follow up to debut The Mark named Which Side Of The Line? was put out. This spawned 2 videos both directed by Stuart Bereton; Smoke and Mirrors and Lost No.7. Smoke and Mirrors got some airplay on Kerrang.

The group split sometime around 2004; mainly because James felt restricted in Fallen To being a metal band.(ACTUALLY I LEFT THE BAND AND THEY COULDN'T FIND A REPLACEMENT) :)JEZ-Seven Days Awake!!

James is now working with former bandmate Jez Marshall alongside Phil Eggleton and Drew Hallam on a new project entitled "Seven Days Awake"; the band are recording demos and planning gigs for 2006.

= The Mark 2002
Which Side Of The Line? 2003

= No Allies
Bovine Calm

= No Allies
Bovine Calm
Smoke And Mirrors
Lost No.7

years active 2001–2004 origin Cornwall, England music genre Metal former members James Norris
Christian Norris
Jez Marshall
Iain Moir

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source: Wikipedia

Fallen To

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