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Falling Up


"Falling Up" is a Christian rock band signed to BEC Recordings. They were named after the first song they wrote, which refers to how imperfect people are, but how sufficient the grace of God is to compensate for that imperfection. In harmony with their name, their music is heavy on themes about grace.

Their music, which they call "pash rock", combines rock, metal, strings, and R&B. The members of Falling Up and those of Kutless were childhood friends in their hometown of Albany, Oregon. It was the members of Kutless who passed Falling Up's demo album on to BEC Recordings owner, Brandon Ebel, which led to Falling Up signing on to BEC alongside Kutless in the summer of 2003.

They debuted in February 24, 2004 with an 11-song album titled ''Crashings''. Aaron Sprinkle (who also produced Kutless and Anberlin) produced this album. ''Crashings'' sold 3,396 units in its first week, which exceeded first-week sales by any other album in the history of BEC Recordings. Incidentally, that record was previously held by Kutless. ''Crashings'' sold over 50,000 units by the end of 2004. Three songs from ''Crashings''—"Broken Heart", "Escalates", and "Bittersweet"—charted...

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