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Fates Warning


"Fates Warning" are an influential Progressive Metal band from Connecticut, USA.

John Arch(vocals), Jim Matheos(guitar), Victor Arduini(guitar), Joe DiBiase(bass), and Steve Zimmerman (drums) got together and formed Fates Warning in 1983.

During their debut years, concretized with the album "Night on Bröcken", a noticeable Iron Maiden influence characterised their style. With the departure of guitarist Victor Arduini, and the experience of the first album, their style evolved towards a progressive metal sound (best expressed in the albums "The Spectre Within" and "Awaken the Guardian"). Alongside Queensrÿche and a few years later Dream Theater, Fates Warning would be the most visible exponents of prog metal. It would be incorrect to declare that any one of the three single-handedly invented prog metal, especially considering that Iron Maiden published "Hallowed Be Thy Name" and "Rime of the Ancient Mariner" well before any of them.

However, Fates Warning were arguably the band that adopted a consistently progressive metal style, contributing more towards the establishment of the genre.

The popularity of their first three albums owes much to the lead sing...

status active
country Connecticut, USA
music genre Progressive Metal
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