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Fiction Factory

Fiction Factory

"Fiction Factory" were a British band formed in the mid-1980s.

*Kevin Patterson : vocals

*Chic Medley : guitars

*Graham McGregor : bass

*Eddie Jordan : keyboards

*Mike Ogletree : drums and percussion

They had one hit in the UK Singles Chart, reaching number 6 in 1984 with "(Feels Like) Heaven". Follow up single "Ghost Of Love" reached number 64 the same year. The band released an album "Throw The Warped Wheel Out", also in 1984.

* ''(Feels Like) Heaven'' (1984) - UK #6

* ''Ghost Of Love'' (1984) - UK #64

* ''Throw The Warped Wheel Out'' (1984)

* ''Guinness Book of British Hit Singles'' 7th Edition - 1988

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Fiction Fac

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