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"Fifteen" is a punk rock band featuring Jeff Ott from Crimpshrine, with the rest of the line-up changing from album to album. Fifteen was born out of the ashes of Bay area punk rock icons Crimpshrine back in 1988. It was singer/guitarist Jeff Ott's vision to create music that didn't just rock, but had something important to say as well. After four records on Lookout!, two on Grass, three on Sub City, and three more on indefinte self-published labels, Fifteen is arguably viewed as the leader in the political-punk music scene. They tackle such burning issues as homelessness, drug abuse, needle exchange, environmental destruction and the government's use of counterintelligence measures to violate activist's civil rights.

Self-TitledLookout Records7"
Swain's First Bike RideLookout Records
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