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"Fightstar" is a rock band from London, England. In late January 2005, Charlie Simpson left the highly successful British guitar pop trio Busted, citing his marked preference for heavier rock-based music over the lighter pop music he had produced with Busted and his intention to carry on carving out a musical career, in a different genre, with his band Fightstar.

Fightstar formed in late 2003 after an impromptu jam session at a party in Charlie Simpson's London home. Simpson, impressed by their ability, soon asked the members to join a proper band. Soon after a few songs had been written the band recruited bassist Dan Haigh, a schoolfriend of guitarist Alex Westaway. The name "Fightstar" is a combination of the words "Evenstar", and "Time To Fight", as both were names the band liked.

Rehearsing and playing as often as Simpson's Busted schedule would allow, things quickly got more serious and it became apparent that a decision regarding the band's future had to be made. Simpson ultimately left Busted, with the group officially calling it quits in early 2005 and he looked eagerly ahead to life with Fightstar. The band so...

country England
years active 2003 – present
origin London
music genre Rock Music
current members Charlie Simpson
Alex Westaway
Dan Haigh
Omar Abidi
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia