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Five Man Electrical Band

Five Man Electrical Band

The "Five Man Electrical Band" was a rock group from Canada, best known for their 1972 hit "Signs".

The group (whose sound may have been a precursor to that of the Electric Light Orchestra) consisted of Les Emmerson, Brian Rading, Ted Gerow, Mike Belanger and Rick Belanger. Originally recording and touring as The Staccatos, they chose the title of their second album (1968) as the new name for the band.

In 1969, the band recorded "Moonshine (Friend of Mine)" for an unsuccessful movie ''The Moonshine War'' starring Alan Alda. "Signs" was originally released in 1970 as the B-side to the unsuccessful single "Hello Melinda Goodbye". Re-released in 1971 on the A-side, "Signs" reached number 3 on the Billboard charts. Their second single, "Absolutely Right", reached number 26. Other Canadian hits included "Moneyback Guarantee" and "I'm A Stranger Here".

The group disbanded in 1972 to pursue solo careers. Since 1986, they have continued to reunite for several concerts a year.

This group was known for its strong harmonic vocals - all five members could sing lead vocals, its solid rhythm and classic rock keyboards/guitar sound.

The band would inspire the group Tesl...

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