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"Flaw" was a music group from Louisville, Kentucky. The band was formed by ex-guitarist Jason Daunt in 1995.

Flaw came together in 1996 when vocalist Chris Volz answered an ad in a local paper placed by guitarist, Jason Daunt, looking for a singer for an alternative/industrial band. The band's rhythm section progressed through several linup changed but solidified with the addition of bassist Ryan Jurhs in 1997. That same year the band recorded their first independent record, ''American Arrogance''. Because they were low on money, the band ordered everything they needed to record from the Musician's Friend catalog then returned it using the 30-day return policy. The entire album was recorded for the cost of shipping the equipment. Their album gave them the opportunity to open for acts including Fear Factory and Econoline Crush. A local radio station, The Fox, broadcasted the songs from Flaw's indie disc to give them further notoriety. Two more well-received independent records, 1998's self-titled album ''Flaw'' and 2000's ''Drama'' were later produced.

Flaw had quite a different style compared to that heard within the sound of other nu metal bands. Flaw's guitar work...

years active 1995 – 2004
status Not Active
country Louisville, Kentucky
music genre Nu Metal, Hard Rock
current members Chris Volz
Lance Arny
Ryan Jurhs
Micah Havertape
past members Jason Daunt
Chris Ballinger
Ivan Arnold
website Official Website
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia