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"Flipsyde" is a hip hop/rock band from Oakland, California. Flipsyde consists of band members Steve Knight, Dave Lopez, Jinho "Piper" Ferreira, and DJ D-Sharp. They have toured extensively with Fort Minor, The Black Eyed Peas, Snoop Dogg and on the Anger Management Tour. Flipsyde's single, "Someday" was chosen as NBC's theme song for the 2006 Winter Olympic Games held in Torino, Italy. They are also the favorite band of Pro Snowboarder, Trevor Heselton.

Flipsyde's music is an unconventional, yet harmonious mix of styles. The top and bottom of their innovative sound is straight-up Hip Hop while the middle punches with Rock. These parts are made whole through Piper's consummate MC skills and stinging rhymes, Steve Knight's emotive voice and adhesive melodies plus Dave Lopez' inspired Latin-flavored flourishes of blazing guitar.

At first, the backgrounds and influences of the three members that make up Flipsyde appear disparate, but, upon closer inspection, their common thread of passion, politics and commitment to music becomes evident.

Piper is a razor-sharp MC from the streets of Oakland whose distant childhood memories of an intermittent Afro-Brazilian father open...

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