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"Fobia" is a Mexican rock band from Mexico City, whose career started in 1987. In 1990, BMG released their self-titled album which included the smash-hit song ''El Microbito''. Its second album included vocals from rock-star Alejandra Guzmán. They separated after their 1997 Live Album ''Fobia on Ice'' and reunited in 2003. On July 26, 2005, they released their first full-length album since 1995, called Rosa Venus.

Its lead singer, Leonardo de Lozanne dated, briefly, TV presenter Rebecca de Alba. In 1998 he collaborated in ''José José: Un tributo'', an album of covers featuring rock-version songs of José José.

* Leonardo de Lozanne: Lead singer

* Jay De La Cueva: Drums

* Paco Huidobro: Lead guitar

* Javier "El Chá!" Ramírez: Bass

* Iñaki: Keyboards, Sequences

"Former Members"

* Gabriel Kuri: Drums

* Jorge 'La Chiquis' Amaro: Drums

* ''Rosa Venus'' (2005)

* ''Wow 87*04'' (2004)

* ''Fobia on Ice'' (1997), live album

* ''Amor Chiquito'' (1995)

* ''Leche'' (1993)

* ''Mundo Feliz'' (1991)

* ''Fobia'' (1990)

*Fobia Website Official site

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