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Bruce Foxton

Bruce Foxton

"Bruce Foxton" is an English rock and roll musician (born 1 September 1955 in Woking, Surrey) who is best remembered as the bass player in punk/new wave band The Jam. He was also for fifteen years the bassist for Stiff Little Fingers, leaving the band in January 2006 to pursue other projects.

In The Jam, he and drummer Rick Buckler played a subordinate role behind singer, guitarist, and songwriter Paul Weller. However, Foxton's deft, melodic bass playing and vocal harmonies were indisputably crucial components of The Jam's sound.

Foxton did take lead vocals on a few tracks, most notably the singles "David Watts" (a cover of a Kinks track) and "News Of The World", which was his own composition. Unsurprisingly, those were the only Jam A-sides not written by Weller. Foxton did pen a few other tracks, but they were relegated to B-sides and album tracks; he was considered an inferior songwriter to Weller. Critics and fans alike agree almost unanimously that his best contribution as a songwriter is "Smithers-Jones", done as a straightforward rock take for the B-side of "When You're Young" and later reworked with strings for the now-classic ''Setting Sons'' LP. Stiff Little ...

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