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"Fozzy" is a satirical heavy metal band fronted by Chris Jericho of WWE fame. Fozzy is known for covering famous songs and claiming them as their own. In Jericho's own words:

"We decided to ... adopt characters and play it as if the songs that the band were covering were really our songs that were stolen from us while we were stuck in Japan due to a bad record deal."

Besides Jericho, the band consists of musicians from established metal bands, including members of Stuck Mojo. Chris Jericho originally fronted the band under the persona of "Moongoose McQueen", but in 2004 he dropped the persona. Jericho also sometimes pretended that "Moongoose" and "Jericho" were two different people. He now uses his more recognized wrestling stage name (his real name is Christopher Irvine). Fozzy's first two albums included mostly cover songs, but their third album cut all original tracks. However, a few songs off their third album were recorded by Rich Ward's old side-project, Sick Speed.

Fozzy's song "Enemy" was the official theme song of WWE's No Way Out pay-per-view event in February 2005.

Fozzy was once Fozzy Osbourne, a previousl...

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