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Franco Battiato

"Franco Battiato" (born March 23, 1945) is an Italian singer-songwriter, composer, filmmaker and (as "Süphan Barzani") painter.

He is considered one of the most original personalities in Italian music from the 1970s to now. Together with Alice, Franco Battiato represented Italy at the Eurovision Song Contest 1984 with the melody "I treni di Tozeur".

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Battiato's songs are dreamy, controversial collages of images and sensations, very experimental and convoluted, with a quasi-dadaist disrespect for what is passed as 'artsy' or 'trendy' by the intelligentsia.

His collaborations (from 1994 onward) with the nihilistic-cynical philosopher Manlio Sgalambro have added further depth to his apparently nonsensical lyrics, with references to Emil Cioran, Friedrich Nietzsche and other anarchistic and problematic thinkers.


"Francesco Battiato" was born in Jonia di Riposto, in the province of Catania (Sicily).

At the age of 20 he moved to Milan and in 1968 he obtained the first musical contract. He scored some success with the romantic song ''È l'amore''. After further covers of pop songs, he met the experimental musician Juri Ca...

Background solo singer
Born March 23 1945
Origin Catania, Sicily, Italy
Years active 1965—present
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