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Frankie J

" Frankie J " (born December 14, 1980) is a Mexican American pop singer. He has had several hits in the US, including "Don't Wanna Try" in 2003 and "Obsession" in 2005. His album ''The One'' debuted at #3 on the Billboard album charts in April 2005.

He was born "Francisco Javier Bautista" (a.k.a. Frankie J.) in Tijuana and raised in San Diego from the age of 2. He comes from a musical background with his father being the lead singer of a traditional band. Frankie J grew up listening to both traditional Latin music as well as R&B. He attended Southwest High School (San Diego, CA) for his high school years.

As a teenager, he started listening to freestyle music by Lisa Lisa, Brenda K. Starr and George Lamond. He started writing his own songs and singing in the same falsetto style as Lamond. At 15, he signed a contract with a Canadian independent label working as Frankie Boy and recorded songs which failed to achieve any success. In 1997, he signed with Jellybean Benitez.

In the late 1990s, he joined Kumbia Kings and was a member of that successful Latin group touring throughout Latin America. The group played in front of 100,000 people in a concert in Monterrey, Mex...

years active 2003–present
music genre R&B
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