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Freddy Jones Band

Born on the banks of Lake Michigan, "The Freddy Jones Band", affectionately known as FJB, is comprised of roots-rock specialists in the tradition of the Eagles, The Band, and the Allman Brothers. FJB's music is a blend of blues, rock, and folk music.

The group consists of Marty Lloyd (vocals and acoustic guitar), Jim Bonaccorsi (bass), Rob Bonaccorsi (guitar and vocals), Simon Horrocks (drums), and Wayne Healy (vocals and guitar).

After a five-year hiatus, FJB reunited on August 20, 2005. The band stole the Chicago Riverview Music Festival show. FJB is currently playing select dates throughout the country. The band members say they are enjoying every minute back in the limelight.

FJB spent the 1990s touring across the United States. The band's loyal fan base grew exponentially. This growth, coupled with FJB's landmark performance alongside Widespread Panic at the Chicago Park West, spurred Capricorn Records to ink FJB to a recording deal.

From 1993 to 1999, FJB came of age. The band issued five major label releases. These included including Waiting for the Night (1993), The Freddy Jones Band (1993), North Avenue Wake Up Call (1995), Lucid (1997), a...

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