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From First to Last

"From First to Last" (commonly abbreviated as "FFTL") is an American post-hardcore band based in Los Angeles, California. They were signed to Epitaph Records and have released an EP and two full-length albums. The band signed to Capitol Records in March 2006, but Epitaph Records still control press and promo activities until the band release their first Capitol Records release.

From First to Last originally started as a high school pop-punk band called "First Too Last", fronted by current guitarist Matt Good. Later on, Travis Richter was added as a second guitarist. By the time they came to recording their first EP ''Aesthetic'', Phillip Reardon (vocals), and Joey Brandon (bass) joined the group.

Reardon left the band citing musical differences right before the recording of ''Dear Diary, My Teen Angst Has a Body Count''. The band decided they needed someone who could lead the band, since Reardon was mainly scream and Good had to focus on guitar; so after Reardon's departure, Sonny Moore joined the group. He was found by the band on the networking site Myspace and was asked to audition. He originally had come it to try for a spot on bass, but the band realized Moore was...

years active 2002 - present
origin Florida & California
country United States of America
music genre Post-Hardcore
current members Sonny Moore (Vocals)
Matt Good (Guitars)
Travis Richter (Guitars)
Derek Bloom (Drums)
Wes Borland (Studio & Touring Bass)
past members Phillip Reardon (Vocals)
Joey Brandon (Bass)
Jon Weisberg (Bass)
Alicia Simmons (Bass for Dead by Dawn II Tour)
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source: Wikipedia