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From Ashes Rise

From Ashes Rise was a modern hardcore punk or D-beat band related in sound to Tragedy, His Hero Is Gone, and Deathreat. They formed in Nashville, Tennessee in 1997 and then relocated to Portland, Oregon. Their last album was released by Jade Tree. The band split up in fall 2005 after doing a tour with the legendary UK band Subhumans.


  • Brad Boatright - Guitar, vocals, also of The Cooters
  • Billy Davis - Bass and vocals, also of Tragedy
  • David Atchison - Drums
  • John Wilkerson - Guitar, vocals


  • Fragments of a Falling Sky (1998) 7" on Clean Plate Records
  • Life and Death (1999) 7" on Partners In Crime Records
  • Concrete & Steel (2000) LP on Feral Ward Records
  • Silence (2001) LP on Feral Ward Records
  • From Ashes Rise/Victims (2003) split LP on Havoc Records
  • Nightmares (2003) CD on Jade Tree/LP on Havoc Records

*Official webpage * origin Nashville, Tennessee country United States years active 1997-2005 music genre hardcore punk

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