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Fu Manchu

"Fu Manchu" is a Southern Californian surf rock band, who released their debut single "Kept Between Trees" in 1990. ''Rolling Stone'' describes their sound as:

:"Super heavy and bass happy Detroit rock 'n' roll is totally deep-fried, fuzzed out, window breakin', pot sellin', sleepin-in-the-van, skater metal."

The lyrics on Fu Manchu's releases tend to stick to the topics of pinball, muscle cars, UFOs/Bigfoot, and skateboarding. They have been featured on compilations put together by Tony Hawk and ESPN's X Games, invited to perform on the US television program ''Monster Garage'', and featured in the documentary about skateboarding's founding crews, ''Dogtown and Z-Boys''.

Fu Manchu originally formed in 1987 as a hardcore punk band called Virulence. Their primary influences were the bands Black Flag and Bl'ast. The line up was vocalist Ken Pucci, guitarist Scott Hill, bassist Greg McCaughey, and drummer Ruben Romano. In 1989 they released their debut LP ''If This Isn't a Dream...'' on Alchemy Records. In 1990, Pucci left the band and was replaced by vocalist Glen Chivens and th...

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