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"Funkadelic" was a famous funk band, most prominent during the 1970s. Funkadelic was originally the backing band for the doo wop group, The Parliaments. The band was added in 1964, primarily for tours, and consisted of Frankie Boyce, Richard Boyce and Langston Booth. They enlisted in the army in 1966, and George Clinton (the leader of The Parliaments) recruited Billy Bass Nelson and Eddie Hazel in 1967, then also adding Tawl Ross and Tiki Fulwood.

Due to legal difficulties between Clinton and Revilot, The Parliaments' label, the name was abandoned in favor of Funkadelic, which consisted of the same group of people (that is, both the former Parliaments and their back-up band, now both combined in the name "Funkadelic"). The group signed to Westbound in 1968.

The group's self-titled debut album, ''Funkadelic'', was released in 1970. The credits listed organist Mickey Atkins plus Clinton, Fulwood, Hazel, Nelson and Ross, though the actual recording also included several uncredited sessionmen then employed by Motown, as well as Ray Monette (of Rare Earth) and Bernie Worrell.

Bernie Worrell was officially credited starting with Funkadelic's second album, 1970's ''Fre...

Background group or band
Origin USA
Genre Psychedelic, Funk, Soul music
Years active 1968 - 1981
Associated acts Parliament (band)
Past members Bernie Worrell
Eddie Hazel
Maceo Parker
Walter "Junie" Morrison
Bootsy Collins
Jerome Brailey
George Clinton
Catfish Collins
Rodney Curtis
Raymond Davis
Mallia Franklin
Lawrence Fratangelo
Ramon Tiki Fulwood
Michael Hampton
Clarence "Fuzzy" Haskins
Tyrone Lampkin
Lynn Mabry
Cordell Mosson
Lucius Tawl Ross
Gary Shider
Dawn Silva
Calvin Simon
Grady Thomas
Frankie Kash Waddy
Fred Wesley
Billy "Bass" Nelson
Mickey Atkins
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source: Wikipedia