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Further Seems Forever

"Further Seems Forever" (often abbreviated "FSF") was an alternative rock band based in Pompano Beach, Florida, United States. They are often viewed as a Christian band due to their long association with Tooth & Nail Records and performances at festivals such as Cornerstone.

The band formed after the breakup of the Christian hardcore punk band Strongarm in 1998. Strongarm members Nick Dominguez, Chad Neptune, Josh Colbert, and Steve Kleisath were among FSF's first band members. Another early FSF member, Steve Kleisath, was also with the band Shai Hulud.


Chris Carrabba of Dashboard Confessional fame was FSF's first lead singer. He remained with the band until the release of their first album, ''The Moon Is Down'' at which point he left to pursue Dashboard Confessional full time.

FSF remained on good terms with Carrabba, and even played a reunion show with him in 2005, featuring all songs from ''The Moon Is Down'' in order.


In 2002, Jason Gleason of the hardcore band Affinity joined FSF as lead singer. In 2003, the FSF album ''How to Start a Fire'' was released to much acclaim.

A year into Gleason's stint with Further Seems Forever, original member...

years active 1998–2006
country United States
status Active
music genre Indie rock
current members Jonathan Bunch
Josh Colbert
Derick Cordoba
Steve Kleisath
Chad Neptune
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia