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"Gabrielle" may refer to:

*''Gabrielle'' is a girl's name of Hebrew descent meaning "woman of god".

*Gabrielle (TV), a character from Xena: Warrior Princess.

*Gabrielle (singer), a singer from the United Kingdom. She has an album, which is also called Gabrielle (album)

*Gabrielle Reece, a professional volleyball player and model.

*Gabrielle Union, an actor.

*''Gabrielle'' is also a speculative name for the recently-discovered 's moon, S/2005 (2003 UB313) 1.

*Gabrielle (film) is a 2005 film.

*''Gabrielle'' is also a song of a band called Cradle of Filth from the album ''Nymphetamine''.

* Gabrielle is Fleur's sister in Harry Potter Goblet of Fire

*Gabrielle (slang), a gorgeous girl.


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