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"Gackt M.S. Camui" (ガクト; but most often written in Latin alphabet, even in Japan) is a songwriter, vocalist, and multi-instrumentalist. He began his rise to fame fronting the band Malice Mizer.


Gackt was born in Okinawa, Japan. His parents, both musicians, began his formal lessons in classical piano when he was three.

The singer has always been extremely competitive. As a result of this, he began learning to play instruments that deviated from the classical standards of music, eventually focusing on contemporary rock. After many years of having no real interest in his parent's classical lessons, his competitive nature made him want to master the piano after seeing a friend play better than him.


After leaving Malice Mizer, Gackt began a solo career with a band he created called "GacktJOB", which consisted of several members including You (violin/rhythm guitar), Yukihiro "Chachamaru" Fujimura (lead guitar/effects), Masa (rhythm guitar), Ren (bass), Toshi (drums), Yosh (choreographer/dancer), and Igao (keyboards). GacktJOB later added Ryuichi ''Ryu'' Nishida on drums and Ju-ken on b...

years active 1994–present
origin Okinawa, Japan
music genre J-pop/J Rock
website Dears
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia