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"Gala" may also refer to:

*Durham Miners' Gala - a famous gala in the north of England

*Gala, a planet in the Star Wars expanded universe

*Gala, a Greek word (\gamma \alpha \lambda \alpha) meaning Milk. Also see Milky Way and Galaxy (etymology)

*Gala (apple), cultivar grown particularly in New Zealand

*Gala Group, a betting shop and bingo hall operator based in the United Kingdom

*Gala (Legend of Legaia), video-game protagonist

*Gala RFC, a rugby club in Galashiels, Scotland

*Swimming gala

*Galla Placidia, Roman noble, daughter of Emperor Teodosius I

* Gala, King of the Massylians of eastern Numidia

"Gala" can also call to mind:

*Antonio Gala (b. 1936), Spanish poet and novelist.

*GALA Choruses, an association of GLBT choral groups

*Gala Dalí (1894-1982), the wife of Catalan painter Salvador Dalí

*Gala Rizzatto, an Italian dance music singer/songwriter





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