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"Galliano" was a London based acid jazz group, started up in 1988. The group was the first ever signing to Eddie Piller and Gilles Peterson's Acid Jazz Records. The original members were Rob Gallagher (vocals), Constatine Weir (vocals), and Crispin Robinson (percussion). Other important members include Valerie Etienne, who participated in the recording of all their CDs, along with other musicians such as Mick Talbot on keyboards and McKone Hernias on bass guitar.

Galliano achieved the peak of its success in 1992 with "The Plot Thickens", a major work that fuses the extreme harmonies and rhythms of jazz with up-to-the-minute urban soul on tracks such as "Twyford Down", with its numerous changes of tempo, or "Travels the road" and "Long time gone".

Front man Rob Gallagher continues to perform (as of 2005/2006) as Earl Zinger.

Their officially released full-length CD's include:

*''In pursuit of the 13th note'' - 1991 - Talkin' Loud

*''A joyful noise unto the Creator'' - 1992 - Talkin' Loud

*''What Colour Our Flag'' - 1994 - Talkin' Loud

*''The Plot Thickens'' - 1994 - Talkin' Loud

*''Thicker Plot (remixes 93-94)'' - Talkin' Loud

*''4 (Four)'' - 1996 -...

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