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Gang Green

''Gang Green was the invention of Chris Doherty, Mike Dean, and Bill Manley - three 15 year-olds from Boston's "hardcore mecca" of Braintree. The group played rough hardcore punk, but played it faster and wilder than any of their older musical contemporaries. Gang Green's early sound was defined by raw feedback and distortion, manic drumming, and Doherty's uninhibited cracking-voice scream. The band secured their place in hardcore history with seven blazing tracks on the This is Boston Not L.A. compilation. These recordings are legendary for their speed and intensity. Did I mention they were 15? ''

-Kill From the Heart HC web archive

The original teenage trio mentioned above disbanded and 1982 saw Chris Doherty joining Jerry's Kids for the ''Is This My World?'' album.

A couple of years later Doherty would re-emerge with an all new Gang Green consisting of himself (vocals, guitar), Chuck Stilphen (guitar, vocals), Glenn Stilphen (bass, vocals) and Walter Gustafson (drums). This second lineup is the most famous nationally as it was both the first to tour and the one that recorded the classic songs "Alcohol" and "Skate to Hell". This edition of Gang Green released the...

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