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"Garou" can mean many things.

*''Garou'' was the nickname of Québécois singer-songwriter Robert Charlebois, in the 1970s.

*''Garou'' became the stage name of another Québécois singer, Pierre Garand, in the 1990s.

*''Garou'' is a term used by a race of werewolves to refer to themselves in the ''Werewolf: The Apocalypse'' role-playing game.

*''Garou'' is an abbreviation of ''Garou Densetsu'', the original Japanese name for the ''Fatal Fury'' series. ''Garou: Mark of the Wolves'' is a fighting game created by SNK Playmore. It is a continuation of the Fatal Fury series.

*''Garou'', literally ''"Starving Wolf"'' in Japanese. ''"Ookami"'' is the Japanese word for ''"Wolf."''

From the French ''"loup-garou,"'' meaning ''"werewolf."'' ''"Loup"'' means ''"wolf"'' (from the Latin ''"lupus,"'' meaning the same), and ''"garou"'' descends from the Frankish ''"wariwulf"'' (''"werewolf"'') through a long sequence of typically French sound changes.

"Additionally. Despite the coincidental spelling, it has no etymological ties to the French word.


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