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Gary Young

Gary Young

"Gary Young" was the first drummer of the 90s seminal alternative band Pavement.

Stephen Malkmus (vocal, guitar) and childhood friend Scott Kannberg (guitar, vocals) formed Pavement in Stockton, CA in 1989. Their first EP was recorded at a local studio Louder Than You Think-which was owned by Gary Young, then a forty something drummer who appeared on the EP. Young was also on the recording of demolition J-7 in 1990.

After the release of their first album, Slanted & Enchanted, Pavement toured nationally in support of it. They added a bassist and another drummer to bolster Young’s shaky timekeeping. The tour became notorious for the band’s sloppy sound and Young’s grandstanding.

The opprobrious, acid-fried ex-hippy drummer would greet the audience at the door, shaking their hands. He would act out by giving out cabbage and mashed potatoes to fans at the door, doing headstands, running around the venue and sage while the rest of the band was playing and drunkenly falling off his drum stool.

His bizarre drug and alcohol fueled personality had grated on the rest of his band and they could no longer take it. The final straw came when Young allegedly pulled a ...

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