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Gene Pitney

Gene Pitney

"Gene Francis Alan Pitney" (February 17 1940 – April 5 2006) was an American singer and songwriter.

Through the mid-1960s, he enjoyed considerable success on both sides of the Atlantic, and charted more than 20 Top 40 hit singles. He was also an accomplished guitarist, pianist, drummer, and skilled sound engineer.

Pitney was born in Hartford, Connecticut. In his youth, he lived primarily in Rockville, part of the town of Vernon. He attended Rockville High School from which he earned the name "The Rockville Rocket," and where he formed his first band called "Gene & the Genials." He also made a couple of records as part of a duo called "Jamie and Jane" with a lady called Ginny Arnell and then released a single as Billy Bryan.

In 1961, Gene Pitney released his first solo single, "(I Wanna) Love My Life Away," on which he played several instruments and multi-tracked the vocals, followed by his first big hit, "Town Without Pity" that same year. This song won the Golden Globe Award for "Best Song in a Motion Picture," and was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Song.

Pitney helped his musical career by writing hit songs for others. Notable songs include "...

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