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Generation X

"Generation X" was a punk rock band that was formed on November 21st, 1976 by Billy Idol (aka. William Broad), Tony James and John Towe.

Originally formed as Chelsea along with singer Gene October, they soon broke away from October and changed their name to Generation X (named after a 1960s paperback novel, by Jane Deverson, which belonged to Idol's mother Bob "Derwood" Andrews joined as lead guitarist. They played their first live show on December 21 1976 at The Roxy (becoming the very first band to play at the venue

Towe was later replaced on drums by Mark Laff, to complete the "official" line-up, before the band signed to Chrysalis Records and released their first single, "Your Generation" in September, 1977. This configuration would remain through their first two albums, the self titled, ''Generation X'' (1977), followed by ''Valley Of The Dolls'' (1979).

When recording what was to have been their third album (released decades later as part of the ''Anthology'' boxed set under the title, ''Sweet Revenge''), the band became involved in a legal battle with their management, thi...

Background group or band
Origin London, England
Genre Punk rock
Years active 1976 - 1981
Past members Billy Idol
Tony James
Bob Andrews
John Towe
Mark Laff
Terry Chimes
James Stevenson
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source: Wikipedia