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"Geneva" were a British indie band from Aberdeen in Scotland.

The band were formed in 1992 by vocalist Andrew Montgomery and guitarist Steven Dora. They recruited second guitarist Stuart Evans, bass player Keith Graham and drummer Douglas Caskie. Originally the band were called Sunfish.

One of their demos found their way to Suede’s record label Nude who signed the band in 1996. The band changed their name and released their debut single ''No One Speaks'' the same year. The band garnered enough press to headline NME’s annual Bratbus tour of up and coming bands in early 1997. The band released second single ''Into the Blue'' to coincide with the tour.

The band fitted well with the current musical scene and were well promoted by the UK music press of the time. As a reaction to the fading Britpop scene many bands rejected the laddish ideals of bands like Oasis and wrote darker more intelligent songs. This was perfectly shown by Radiohead’s OK Computer and other bands like Strangelove. Montgomery’s high pitched vocals were often compared to Suede. However it could be said that being on Suede's record label did them few favours because they were unable to find th...

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